Earlier this year, the deacons opted to launch a neighborhood initiative based on Grace Morgan’s “Neighborhood Networkers,” which some may recall from many years ago. The idea is to help us stay better connected as a church body and make sure we address concerns and needs promptly.

Each member of the congregation has been assigned to one of the current deacons. Every four months you will be contacted just to “check in.”

Individuals occasionally have something on their mind or an issue that, for one reason or another, they are hesitant to bring to the attention of leadership or are unsure to whom to address it.

These periodic check-ins are the perfect opportunity for you to provide any feedback, prayer requests, needs, questions, or concerns. Your deacon will convey the information to the Neighborhood Deacon Leader, who will ensure it gets directed appropriately.

Of course, we encourage you to contact any of the deacons at any time as conditions arise, or to attend one of the monthly deacons’ meetings. We are here to serve you.

We sincerely desire to function as a church family and to make sure members know they are each loved and valued.

Unquestionably, we don’t want anyone to feel overlooked; therefore, if a deacon hasn’t reached you by the end of the year, it may simply mean that we do not have your current phone/email/street address on file. We ask that you would help us by contacting Marilyn at 860.529.1575 x213 or by email.

—Kate Stiffle, Deacon Emerita
October 2018