True Beauty 2017

Photos are by Emma Walsh, except where noted.


WHEN WE BEGAN TRUE BEAUTY, in 2013, our dream was to create a space where women, of all ages, could come together and share the journey of discipleship! It has been incredible to watch this gathering grow each year.

ADULTS — A favorite part of mine is the chance for the adult women of our church to share their talents with the young women in our community. Most importantly, True Beauty is an opportunity for our girls—and their friends—to hear the good news of Jesus Christ and to know their value and worth as God’s beloved daughters.

GOD’S TRUTH — In a world where our young women are constantly barraged with false messages of value, it is imperative that they have an opportunity to hear the truth that God is speaking over them.

MARSH BUILDING — This church year, True Beauty was held in the beautiful and freshly renovated space of the Marsh Building. I can’t think of a better way to use this amazing resource that God has blessed us with! Thank you for making that possible.

LOVE, HOPE, SERVICE — The teaching theme was Live Like You’re Loved. Throughout the weekend, there were messages of the hope we have in Jesus and how His love sets us free. The group ventured into our surrounding community, bringing that message of hope: they served our neighbors by doing yard work; they built friendship and community with the residents of First Church Village; and they brought a surge of support to the Social Services and food bank of Wethersfield.

GET INVOLVED — Our exceptional team of women leaders is excited for next year’s True Beauty. You can get involved as a volunteer by leading a craft or service project, or by serving a meal. You can sponsor a student participant through a financial donation—we love being able to offer a free scholarship to friends of the girls in our church. For many, this is their first time hearing the Gospel. You can donate a food item. If you’d like to get involved, contact Family Ministry and we’ll put you on our list for fall 2018!

PRAY — Most of all, pray for the girls of our church and our surrounding community. Pray that they would come to know the amazing love of our King, Jesus!

Above photo is by Diane Krause.

Above photo is by Dori Sargent.

Thank you, Emma, for all your great photos!  (This photo is by Erin Sicord.)