Peru Trip

November 6-14, 2017

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Several years ago, our first team set out for Barranca, Peru, to visit our partner church through Compassion International—Temple Zion—and meet the children many in our congregation sponsor. November 6-14, another team will visit again to see what God is doing in the lives of those we encounter.

Chili’s Give Back Benefit

Monday thru Thursday, Sept. 25-28, the Chili’s in Cromwell will host a “Give Back” event for our Peru Team. Flyers will be available at the church starting on Rally Sunday, or click here to view or print your own. Take the flyer to Chili’s (4 Sebethe Drive, Cromwell), and when the check comes, present it to the server. Chili’s will donate 10% to our mission trip. Tuesday of that week, the 26th, is blitz day—we hope we can fill the place! All proceeds will go to the team’s materials and supplies, which will be left for the Compassion project’s use.

Our Team Will Deliver Your Gift!

We want to deliver a gift from you, as long as it fits into a quart-size Zip-Lock bag. Please click here if you wish to print the guidelines flyer shown below:

This year’s team will have a table in the Connector on the Sundays of October 8 and 15, with more info on how to plan and send a small gift with the team for a child, as well as free baggies. Filled gift bags can then be dropped off on the Sundays of Oct. 22 & 29, and Nov. 5. Our goal is to have one gift for each child in the program—not just the children sponsored through our congregation. That would be a total of 550 gifts. If you can provide two such gifts, our goal can be met! They can both be for any child (each labeled “boy” or “girl”), or one for your sponsored child (labeled with his or her name and Compassion ID number) and the other for any child (“boy” or “girl”).

Team members are (front row) Lisa Shattuck, Shari Franzen, Peter Franzen, Christy Richenburg, Deryk Richenburg, (behind, left to right) Grace Mitchell, Drew Shattuck, Barbara Plante, Karen Smyth, Karen Canna, Ted Hulbert, Judy Franzen, Sarah Butters, Stephanie Pawlowicz, Lynn Sunshine, and (not in photo) Patricia Kaye.

Our Mission in Peru
While in Peru, we will run crafts, games and Sunday school classes, make home visits to church members, work in the kitchen and classrooms, and, of course, carry our congregation’s greetings to the children in the program and members of Temple Zion.

How to Pray for the Trip

Pray for protection and travel safety—and for courage for first-time mission travelers.

Pray for Temple Zion and the school program.

Pray for the many children and families we sponsor.

Pray that our team members would be led by the Holy Spirit and sensitive to the work the Lord is doing among His people in Barranca, and that He would reveal to them the ways First Church can come alongside Temple Zion in the furtherance of His Kingdom.

Pray that our team would be granted the ability to discern ways we can support Temple Zion’s leadership and ministry as it undergoes changes and faces challenges.

Opportunity for You to Sponsor a Child

Call or email Pastor Deryk, who will give you a chance to choose a specific child to sponsor. You will receive a photo & information packet. All of the children presented take part in the Children of Jesus program of Compassion and our partner church in Barranca—Temple Zion. Change a life, correspond, build a loving relationship, be a blessing—and be blessed!

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To learn more about our church partnership, read this illustrated article by Pastor Deryk and/or call him at 860.529.1575 x213.