David Charles Spicer

Here at First Church and far beyond our walls, those whose lives have been touched by our beloved Minister of Music & the Arts are grieving this profound loss, while at the same time remembering and celebrating David’s faith-filled life, his inspiring, impactful work—and his contagious humor.

A MEMORIAL SERVICE was held at First Church of Christ on Saturday, February 11, at 11:00 a.m.

OBITUARY — Please click here to see David’s Hartford Courant obituary.

PHOTOS BELOW  Here is a small collection of photos taken during David’s 30 hugely productive years at First Church, during which countless lives were changed. He taught and blessed people of all ages, from small children through centenarians, always focusing on the Lord.

ABOVE: 9/13/06

ABOVE: 6/7/15

ABOVE: Concert of Spirituals, 3/15/09

ABOVE: Some in the Saturday Morning Men’s Prayer Breakfast group, of which David was a part,  are shown singing during a summer worship service, 8/29/10.

ABOVE: A few Pilgrim Youth Choir members discuss the upcoming People Need the Lord musical with David, 5/18/01.

ABOVE: Practicing, 2/10/12

ABOVE: David opens the Albert Schweitzer Organ Festival Winners’ Concert, 6/8/08.

ABOVE: Late in his career, David discovered he was a gifted, highly creative photographer. An exhibit of his work was held at the church on 5/7/15, but this shot of him is from 2/3/13.

ABOVE: Colonial Concert, 5/31/98

ABOVE: David Spicer and Nancy Andersen, 2/2/14

ABOVE: 1/4/11

ABOVE: David cracks up Marti Bernardi and (behind) handbell ringers Sandra Ulbrich and Andrea Volpe, 1/4/11.

ABOVE: Super Bell XVI handbell concert, 1/27/08

ABOVE: First Church Choir, 2/2/14


ABOVE: Christmas Concert, 12/19/99

ABOVE: Christmas Concert, 12/13/15

ABOVE: Christmas Concert, 12/18/16

ABOVE: circa 1987

ABOVE: March 2001

ABOVE: 12/21/10

ABOVE: Cherub Choir, 1/23/11

ABOVE: Pastor Deryk, Linda Henderson, David Spicer, 9/12/10

ABOVE: David, guest conductor Wayne Abercrombie, soloist Christopher Dukes, Good Friday Concert, 4/10/09

ABOVE: 12/21/97

ABOVE: Albert Schweitzer Organ Festival, 1999

ABOVE: Albert Schweitzer Organ Festival, 2008

ABOVE: Linda Henderson and David with members of the Belles & Beaux Handbell Choir, 5/25/10

ABOVE: 1/23/11

ABOVE: The train enthusiast, 1/5/04

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