November 1 thru 29
11:45-2:00 Monday - Thursday

Parents: Gift yourself with extra time as you prepare for the Holiday Season! Stress free shopping, baking, cooking, spa time…will be yours when you register your child/children for the NOVEMBER EXTENDED ENRICHMENT SESSIONS! The children will be thrilled to be immersed in these special activities!

We go “Above and Beyond” by providing another month with additional enrichment programs for our students.  November is filled with 3-D Art, Pilgrim Chefs, Literature and Yummy food, and Owl Babies! Please don’t miss out! 

Your children will have an opportunity to attend up to four different Extended Sessions each week based on a theme. Each full session can be prepaid with your on-line application. (Please see “How to Register” at the end of this letter.) You may also choose a day your child does not attend their regular class.

Our “Extended Sessions” will run Monday thru Thursday from 11:45 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Your child will be escorted to Room 2 for lunch bunch and will remain in that room for their Extended Session. Please pick up your child/children promptly at 2:00 p.m. Sessions can be 2 to 5 weeks long depending on the month.

The Lunch Bunch charge will be included in all sessions. (Please send a lunch including an ice pack with your child.) The children will go to Lunch Bunch first but will continue with Extended Sessions with a lengthened playtime & learning time that includes exploring, story time, songs, and activities.

The head teachers for Extended Sessions are Phoebe Ostergren and Lisa Roncaioli. Lynn Sunshine will assist if the classes are large enough. Excellent programs have been developed filled with enriching and fun activities.

The weeks are organized by themed days that will build on each other for the month. This will give the children a variety of experiences through-out the week, if they choose to attend all the sessions.

During the month of November, there are only two Mondays and two Tuesdays. These sessions offer an opportunity for your child/children to check out this great enrichment time. Please join the fun and register!

Check out what is being offered! 


Monday Masterpieces
Inner Artists

November 5 & 26 

We continue getting creative with different art styles and processes. This month the children will explore three-dimensional art. Look for their work on display in the hallway outside Ms. Lisa’s room.

Tasty Tuesdays
Little Pilgrim Chefs

November 13 & 27

Calling all cooks!  Join us as we explore food, recipes and every-day life of the pilgrims. We’ll time-travel forward to 2018 to we prepare two contemporary Thanksgiving side-dishes. You may even choose to add these side dishes to your own family feast. An added highlight of cooking class this month will be learning how cranberries are harvested! “14” is the maximum number of students for this class. It fills up quickly. So don’t delay!

Whimsy Wednesday
Little Bit Literature and Little Bit Food

November 7, 14 & 28

Let’s give thanks for yummy food! With all things edible this month, good food usually has a story that goes with it. The children will be exploring Thanksgiving through food and literature.  

Theater Thursdays
“Owl Babies”

November 1, 8, 15, & 29

Children will learn introductory concepts of theater through a favorite sweet story of mine, Owl Babies, by Martin Waddell.  The children will make their own props and make their own costumes in preparation for their theatrical debut.  Children enjoy role playing and “acting” in front of peers.  Optional speaking lines will be available for those who are ready.


For your convenience, we are offering registration on our website, firstchurch.org/preschool. Click on Extended Sessions, check out the offerings, go to the bottom of the page and choose either “Register Online” or “Application”. Or just type in firstchurch.org/extended!

Registrations and payments are due by Wednesday, October 31. *Please note: When you select the day/days, you are registering for the entire month. Classes are limited to 16 students per class, except for cooking, which is limited to 14 children.

Those families, with more than one child attending, will receive a 10% discount on the total cost for both children. To receive the discount, when you register online, please choose the “In Person” option for payment. See Pat to get the amount of payment by either check or cash.

Children may attend one or more themed sessions each week/month. Children registered for all Monday through Thursday sessions will receive a discount. 

If our school closes due to inclement weather on your Enrichment Extended Session day/s, you will be credited for future sessions.


Click on the following link to register online for our November sessions: 

Online Registration

Click on the following link, and download the application, to register in person :