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8:30 and 10:00 a.m.

10:00 a.m.

Name Above All Names

There is nothing so powerful as the name of God.
It is wonderful. It is majestic. And He shares His name with us. As we explore His various names from Scripture. I think we will agree that His name is the name that is above all names.

--------- JANUARY 13 ---------
Lord God Almighty
Deryk Richenburg
Genesis 35:1-15

--------- JANUARY 20 ---------
The Lord is Peace
Todd Willard
Judges 6:24

--------- JANUARY 27 ---------
The Lord Will Provide
Deryk Richenburg
Genesis 22:1-19

--------- FEBRUARY 3 ---------
The Righteous Judge
Deryk Richenburg
Psalm 82

--------- FEBRUARY 10 ---------
The Most High God
Deryk Richenburg
Genesis 14:17-24

--------- FEBRUARY 24 ---------
The Earth is the Lord's
Todd Willard
Psalm 24


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