My anchor holds

special music event

April 6, 2019

6:30 - 9:00 pm

250 Main Street, Wethersfield CT

Suggested Donation: $5.00


  • The family harp

    Our featured artist, D.J. Malinowski will be debuting music from his latest album "My Anchor Holds".

  • the family tree

    Matthew "Tank" Malinowski is the lead pastor of Dover Advent Christian Church in Dover Florida, former member of Waking Unity, and D.J.'s brother! He will be traveling up to play for this event, making this a family affair!

  • casey schang

    Traveling from the West Coast with D.J. is Casey Schang! A talented singer-songwriter and gifted musician.

  • bryan the giant

    Our very own staff worship leader, Bryan Minerly, will be doing a solo act, playing a combination of his own songs, looping performances, and fingerstyle/slap guitar.

What is "My anchor holds"?

Homegrown here in CT, D.J. Malinowski is a powerful worship leader and singer-songwriter.

His previous project, the band Waking Unity, toured New England singing energetic praises to God, reminding all who heard of the joy of walking in our faith.

He is now presently living in Washington and continues to encourage others through his music.

His latest songwriting project, The Family Harp, and debut album My Anchor Holds,

has been a more intimate look at faith, combined with a powerful personal testimony:

"I got a job opportunity that was a huge, "out of nowhere", blessing by God. We also had our fourth child, Maximus. With those great moments we had some not so joyous events as well. My wife suffered 2 heart attacks 2 weeks after our son was born, the first of which she had to be revived from. She was also diagnosed with, and surgically treated for Thyroid Cancer. We have received so much love and care in this year it has been overwhelming at times. But after the dust has settled and as we learn to live with these various life changing things, I have come to a few realizations. God is always good. My wife, my family, and our community are amazing. And that I need to record this album.

The name "TheFamilyHarp" has two meanings behind it. The songs that I write and want to record are songs written for the family of God. They are songs of praise, of worship, of love, and life. These songs are also for my family. These songs are about what we have gone through and are going through. They are also songs my kids can sing in the car. All in all these are songs written to connect our heart to God in any situation."

- D.J. Malinowski

At this special event, D.J. will be returning to Connecticut

to debut his new album with a live performance

here at First Church!

a preview!

Below are a few videos of what you can expect to see at the show!

There is a behind-the scenes look at the The Family Harp's album "My Anchor Holds",

the lyric video to their title track,

and a video of Bryan Minerly playing his original piece, "A Lonely Freedom"!