nikki jones,

Assistant Teacher with Lisa Roncaioli |  PreK 3s 3-Day AM Class

Nikki was born and raised in a suburb right outside of Boston and moved to Glastonbury in 2005. She has been a stay-at-home mom for almost 15 years, and is in her second year at First Church. Prior to being on staff she worked in the Glastonbury Public Schools as a Special Education paraprofessional. Nikki attended Worcester State College and studied speech language pathology, and still dreams of completing nursing school. She loves spending time with her family and volunteering with her daughter in dog rescue. She teaches CCD and manages her son's hockey team. Nikki and her husband, Larry, live with their 4 children, Alexa (15), Matthew (12), Ryan (9) and PJ (7), and  their dogs, Luke and Charlie. Ryan and PJ are both graduates of First Church and loved their time here!