phoebe ostergen

Preschool Admin. Assist. and
Head Teacher | PreK 4s 3-day

Phoebe received her B.S. degree in Mathematics from Russell Sage College in Troy, New York. She worked at The Travelers Insurance Company for 8 years before becoming a stay-at-home mom. After raising her young children, Phoebe returned to work to pursue her new-found passion in Early Childhood Education. She earned her Child Development Associate (CDA) credential in September of 2011, and is going on her 12th year on staff. Phoebe enjoys jogging, crafting and spending time with her family. Family favorites include hiking and kayaking. She and her husband, Daryl, live in Wethersfield. They have two teenage daughters, Leah and Bethany, who are both First Church Nursery School graduates.